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May 25, 2011 / Slaton White

Day 30

We turned our game in today along with the two other groups. Athan played one of the games while Nick and I played the other. On the other side of the room our game was played and while there were a few questions that arose and a few rule changes that need to be added or changes our game seemed to do well. Several times during play we overheard the group that was playing our game discussing strategy. One Outlaw was trying to talk another Outlaw into capturing a town with them. Other times they were trying to use the longshot on a player. Several times we would hear cheers. While it’s obvious that had we had more time we would have changed a lot, but given the amount of time and people we had, I believe our game really game out well.

The only thing to do now is to rest, do our other finals, and wait to see what grade The Law and the Lawless receives. Wish us luck!

-Slaton White

May 24, 2011 / Slaton White

Day 29

Today everything is finished except for a few minor adjustments such as trimming cards. The box has been covered, the rules are final, and all of the components of the game have been put in and luckily fit into the box.

-Slaton White

May 23, 2011 / Slaton White

Day 28

The rules needed to look like an old newspaper and luckily I found this great resource for looking at old newspapers.

The rules are basically complete except for checking it with the rest of the team, small touch ups, and printing it.

We completed some big parts of the game including:

  • The cards, except for a few mistakes that need to be fixed, are completely finished and ready for printing.
  • The box has been built, it just needs to covers.
  • The Combat Tokens have been fixed.
  • The rules have been reviewed and after some fixes will be ready for printing
  • The cover for the top of the box has been reviewed and after some touch ups will be printed along with a cover for the bottom of the box.
  • The map has been fixed and is ready for printing


-Slaton White

May 22, 2011 / Slaton White

Day 27

Today we did testing with some friends, where they played by reading the rules to us. We also got the Armytransport tray ready to hold all of the game bits and overall know exactly what we need to do to completely finish the game.

My job will be to put the box together once Athan gives me the template, front cover, and back cover. I will also be changing the rules based on our playtest and turn those rules into a newspaper that looks as if it were from the 1800s.

Nick will be touching the cards up, both the text and alignment along with touching up the map based on feedback from the playtest.

Athan will be completing the rest of the art needed. This includes the front and back covers of the box as well as all the images for the cards.

-Slaton White

May 21, 2011 / Slaton White

Day 26

We got a lot done today including:

  • The tokens sanded and painted
  • The map printed on a test sheet for playtesting
  • most of the cards completely finished and printed for testing

-Slaton White

May 20, 2011 / Slaton White

Day 25

I finally finished version 1.00 of the rules. Once we do blind playtesting of the rules and game we’ll post the changed rules.

Athan has come up with our final name for the boardgame, Law and the Lawless. He also has done a mock up of the box art and Nick has done a mock up of some of the token art:

I’ve started mass producing the tokens. I’ve got 3 molds that make two tokens each and have been making sure they always have the liquid plastic compound in them throughout the day. We need 77 and my goal is to make about 87 or so to make sure we have extras. I’ll be sanding and spray painting them tomorrow. Our blind testing has been pushed back to Sunday, which will actually help us since we will be able to playtest it ourselves and get some of the silly mistakes out of the way.

-Slaton White

May 19, 2011 / Slaton White

Day 24

Athan has made a mock up of the Drought card for the Event Deck.

Today I went to Morningstar Games and picked up an Armytransport tray. We’ll use this as a base for measuring our box. Once we get the miniature figurienes painted, the tokens painted and labeled, and the cards printed we’ll begin customizing the Armytransport tray to fit all of them. The plan for the map and rules is that they will be folded up and placed on top.

-Slaton White